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Our Story

Who we are & how we came about

We believe food is scarce and yet more than just a basic necessity. As citizens of the world, we care about the preservation of the nature and the sustainability of our environment. All of us have an impact on the world’s future even with what we choose to eat. Therefore, selecting foods that are both healthy for our bodies and healthy for the environment at the same time is crucial.

Traveling around to discover new, unique and tasty flavors runs within our family. We have, over time, developed our global network of farms that produce organic, nutritious, and healthy foods that are sustainable. They can be the very product you put on your table everyday (but still uniquely tasty), or they can be gourmet flavors of the highest quality.


Today, we are proud to say we deliver delicious nutritious foods from farms across the globe to you, so you and your families can both enjoy and feel proud about your choices. 

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