Our Story

Who we are & how we came about

As a family, we travel a lot, both for business and pleasure. Every time we get together after these travels, one of us has a tasty treat brought from lands far away from home.


No matter what the good is, it is always beyond tasty, it is climax in the mouth.

Year and years past and these treats never stopped finding their way into our home, but the good question we always asked was ‘why don’t we have these lovely delicious foods available to us next door?

As curiosity lingered in our thoughts, we decided to conduct a small research into why good food doesn’t travel.

Well, after looking at multiple cases and talking to people involved, we identified some key factors why these delicious bites don’t make their way to your next-door supermarkets.


Low production quantities that do not generate interest of major food companies, lack of a professional logistics network available to a farmer, lack of brand development know-how and finally, lack of a professional sales network available to a farmer.

These were the main reasons, why all these lovely farmers could not bring their delicious bites that they produce with passion and care, to us in faraway lands.

After gaining these insights, we discussed much and realized that through our combined knowledge & skills and by utilizing our business networks, we can bring the same smile and satisfaction to many other homes.


As you know, every little good thing starts with lots of passion and patience. In 2019 we started to create a list of farms that produce Organic, Nutritious and Healthy Foods that are Sustainable and can travel. Thereafter, we talked to farmers and told them about our idea, in return they welcomed us to their world by offering their lovely delicious bites into our basket.


Today, we are proud to say we deliver Delicious Nutritious Foods from farms across the globe to your doorstep by making a direct connection between you and the hardworking farmers.


With this, you and your families can now also enjoy, what we have been enjoying in our little family for many years. Also, the farmers can rely on a professional network to send their goods away. This is how Ask Farms came to life.